30 Mar 2017

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Co-creation will build a better future for the industry

MacGregor is committed to optimising the lifetime profitability, efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of our customers’ operations. At best this is done in close cooperation with our customers and other key stakeholders.

Current overcapacity and historically low investment activity in most vessel types and equipment will, in the near future, mean a battle for survival. Only the fittest and smartest companies will be able to turn our current climate into a success, creating an ever increasing need for the whole industry to renew itself.

In the segments where we operate, we have identified a lot of unnecessary waste in the form of ineffciencies, outdated practices, damage to cargo and dangerous working conditions for shipboard crew and stevedores (page 6). None of us operating within these industries should be happy about this, which is why we are calling for change.

As one of the key players in the industry, we at MacGregor are determined to take our role seriously and appeal to all major stakeholders to collaborate and co- create our inevitable transformation.

Michel van Roozendaal, President, MacGregor

We believe that this transformation, where connectivity and digitalisation, new business models and new capabilities play a big role, will lead to a new era in which merchant shipping and off shore industries are more competitive and attractive as a whole.

New investments are crucial for the industry to continue to develop solutions that protect the environment and improve safety and efficiency, while also serving the increasing energy demands of our growing global population.

We will continue to innovate and expand our portfolio with new solutions and services. e acquisition of Interschalt earlier this year strengthened MacGregor’s so ware capabilities and complements our strategic aim, as part of Cargotec, to be the leader in intelligent cargo handling.

The weight savings offered by our fibre-rope crane is a great example of one of our recent industry innovations. These lead to significant cost savings, which are warmly welcomed by the industry.

MacGregor’s PlusPartner concept illustrates how well we have been able to remove significant waste in the container logistics value chain by improving the efficiency of new container ships; existing ships are also benefitting from our Cargo Boosts.

This transformation journey for the merchant shipping and offshore industries will include many new challenges such as issues around the quality, ownership and interchangeability of data, the development of appropriate skills and competencies, new rules and regulations and even liability questions. For us as organisations, individuals and leaders it will also mean that we will have to reshape ourselves, but when we do this right, it will lead to wonderful opportunities for new growth. I welcome you to join us on this path to co-create our future.

Michel van Roozendaal, President, MacGregor