3 May 2017

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Every part counts

We understand that the equipment, engineering solutions and services that we deliver to the offshore industry is part of something bigger; not only are they part of a vessel or offshore installation and as such must be traceable, reliable and safe, but they are part of a business. It is our responsibility to do everything possible to make our part count towards the success of that business.

If we do not aim for operators to gain the most from their equipment, in terms of technological capabilities, reliability, safety and efficiency, then we know that this will negatively impact profitability.

John Carnall, Senior Vice President, Global Lifecycle Support, MacGregor

We specialise in maximising a customer’s return on investment. We do this through the delivery of customer-driven, cutting-edge technology and by optimising the ongoing performance of systems, potentially through retrofits and modernisations, or through providing market-leading maintenance services, from planned agreements to emergency rapid response.

Our duty is to ensure that we supply equipment and services that, not only ‘do the job’, but will deliver more throughout their entire lifetime.