27 Apr 2017

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Proven technology specified for first floating wind farm

The world’s first floating offshore wind farm, Statoil’s Hywind pilot park in Scotland, UK, is entering its final phase of construction. It will feature Pusnes substructure connection mooring systems from MacGregor, which have been delivered and will be installed when the hulls are complete.

“The project hinges on applying proven technology in new applications,” says Jan Martin Grindheim, Director, Floating Solutions at MacGregor. “MacGregor was chosen for the task because of its long history of designing and delivering very reliable mooring solutions for offshore floating production units operating in harsh North Sea conditions.”

Hywind is designed to demonstrate cost-efficient solutions that will enable the commercial capture of wind energy in harsh environments.

MacGregor was contracted to deliver a Pusnes substructure mooring connection system to each of the pilot project’s five new 6MW floating wind turbines. The ballast-stabilised turbine structures will each be equipped with a three-point mooring system employing site-specific anchors.

Photo credit: Alan O’Neill/Statoil